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A.S.K Legal Services have over 20 years experience of long term investments in the whole of Spain. We often invest own own money into equity release financing and we now offer you the same opportunities.  These are RISK FREE longer term investments SECURED by Freehold ownership of Spanish properties in Spain. 

Read on to learn a little more, and when ready, contact us for an informal chat about current opportunities and this type of investment in general. We have hands on experience of our own investments made, and those made by clients.


You have probably heard of Equity Release. It is where a home owner receives a lump sum of money, in return for the Freehold of their property, but the owner can remain in their property until their death or they have to enter long-term care.

But have you ever wondered where the money comes from to pay the homeowner? It is not always a Bank.                 

As a respected and established Law Practice in Spain, we have provided several homeowners with the lump sum funds, in return for our guaranteed Freehold ownership of their properties, subject of course to the owner being able to remain in their property for the rest of their life, or until they have to leave their property permanently.  At that point we are free to sell the property at the market value at that time.

We can also offer the same opportunity to you. 


You effectively purchase a freehold property in Spain from our recommended portfolio of properties. Just the same as you could do to purchase a property for yourself. There is no difference in the legality or legal rights you have to the property, you have full legal ownership of the property, except of course you cannot do anything with the property whilst the current owner is living in the property.


The return on your investment would normally be between 50% and 150%*, depending on the individual investment property and the length of time it takes to realise the investment. The portfolio of propeties normally requires from €60,000 euros to €300,000, with most falling around €70,000. So these are not small financial commitments. But the return on your investment is large and of course you receive a GUARANTEED FREEHOLD LEGAL TITLE of the property.

*Pre-tax profit.


Each investment has a different critera, but most returns would not be seen for between 6 years and 18 years. You are provided with an estimate of timescale with each property in the portfolio, but this is based on the age an health status of the existing owner and can only be an estimate. But generally speaking, the longer the timescale, the bigger the final return you receive on your investment (subject to property market fluctuations). 


More or less the costs and taxes are the same as if you were purchasing a Spanish property for yourself. We estimate you allow between 13% and 15% in addition to the investment value, including all the fees (including ours) and Spanish stamp duty. Those figures could be viewed as maximums because in some provinces of Spain the stamp duites are lower than others. Other taxes and costs will of course apply when you eventually sell the property, but they are less than the purchase costs.


If you have invested in a freehold property and you should die before the current owner of the property, your ownership of the property would pass to your Beneficiaries according to your Last Will and Testament in the normal way (or if no Will according to Intestacy laws in your home country). It is the same as any other propety that you may own, except that the terms for the investment pass to your Beneficiaries, so they also cannot do anything with the property until the current owner dies or enters long-term care.


When you invest in a Spanish equity release property, there is no more risk than if you purchased a property in Spain for yourself, in other words very little risk, All property is subject to market fluctuations +/-, but with a longer term investment, property values in Spain have never failed to return more than the original price paid. If you invest in an equity release property in Spain via A.S.K Legal Services, we only offer you genuine property investment opportunities at a fraction of the current market value, properties that we would invest in ourselves. A.S.K Legal Services, Spain can also handle all the Conveyancing process if you wish, but remember that you are purchasing the actual Legal Title (Freehold) of the property, so there is no risk as to the ownership. 


We have tried to answer the most frequent questions about investing in Spanish equity release properties, but if you have any other questions, just schedule a telephone call with our Senior Partner and you can chat informally without any commitment whatsoever. 


So you are the owner of a Spanish property and want to release equity to enjoy your retirement free of financial stress. You may think you have arrived at the wrong website. Please do contact us for an informal chat. We invest in Spanish properties ourselves and as you can see above, we also have clients ready to fund your equity release in Spain. When you release equity in your Spanish property, you receive a lump sum of money straight into your bank account and can continue to live in your existing property until you die, enter long-term permanent residential care, or you want to leave your current property voluntarily. 


We are not a regulated investment firm, nor do we have to be for Spanish equity release funding. From your point of view A.S.K Legal Services don't have to be regulated either. At the end of the day, we help you purchase a Freehold property in Spain, exactly the same way as we have helped over 1,500+ clients over the past 20 years. Your funding (your money) does not pass to the current property owner until the completion day which is supervised by a state registered Spanish Notary. On that completion day, you pay for the property and at exactly the same moment, the new property Deeds (ownership) pass to you. 

EXAMPLE (genuine opportunity 2023):

We normally have between 3 and 15 investment opportunites available.

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